Is It Safe to Diffuse Essential Oils Around Babies?

Whenever we bring in a new member to society, we want to make sure they are protected at all times and safe. Babies are cute little creatures that have a weak immune system. It will get stronger over time. But, in the first stages of the child the parent needs to step in and make sure they reach maturity. During that time, one parent may want to use essential oils on baby to make the baby smooth and increase skin protection. That sounds like a good idea to do and I wouldn’t blame you for trying. Considering baby oils help mothers greatly with depression and having a peace of mind. However, babies have skin that is not built like adults. You should consult with a doctor, before applying the best essential oils for baby on baby skin. More information on essentials affecting babies below.

Always Check With Doctors On Essential Oils

is it safe to diffuse essential oils around babies

Before you even think about applying the best essential oils for baby you saw on the shelf, call your doctor for baby oil advice. Doctors are trained professionals who study medicine each year. Some are even required to go through a test to ensure they know material that people of tomorrow needs to know. If anybody knows what baby oils your baby needs, it is them with all their rigorous training. Not interested in paying for a check up. Then, call them over the phone. I am sure they can tell you a few things for free if you know your baby information. To be safer, you should see them in person and ask them personally what they think about baby oils on your baby’s skin. In person, they will give you a better answer and help you reach a level you never wanted to reach before.

Doctors know more than your friend on essential oils. If you think your friend that has 4 kids know more about babies than doctors, you are very mistaken and that information might be years late. You always need up to date medical information when it comes to babies. You don’t want any human mutation that occurred a year ago to not be put into consideration when you ask what baby oil is right for my baby. Many factors dealing with medicines go in a doctor’s mind. You can completely trust them to give you the most up to date medical information.

Pay Attention to How Essential Oil Affects Child

Each child is born with different skin. As you place the baby oil on their skin, watch the reaction the baby oil gives to baby. Even if the doctor is telling you to apply x or y baby oil, there is a chance your baby’s skin is rare type and it doesn’t like the baby oil. There is always a chance for rare skin mutation. If you see your child have bruises, red marks, bumps, acne, cuts, or dead skin form, then it’s safe to assume your baby’s skin does not work well with that baby oil. You should get them another baby oil of a different skin type or brand. Sometimes, it is the brand in baby oil that is making it bad. Many factors have to be taken in consideration with your baby’s sensitive skin. Pay close attention to their skin and make sure it is as healthy as it can be with essential baby oil.

What Essential Oils Are Generally Safe

There are a few essential oils that are generally safe, if you want to have a good first try. Essential oils coming from a citrus or floral source are often safe for babies to use. We recommend you get essential oils with lemon, sweet orange, grapefruit, lavender, rose, jasmine, neroli, myrtle, chamomile blends. These types of blends will generally make your baby react nicely. They won’t cause them to have unexpected rashes and cause skin to peel off days later. You should go with these types of essential oils to make your baby’s first essential oil experience great.