How to Use Lavender to Treat Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be the result of various scalp conditions including alopecia areata. It is a medical case where your body sees hair follicles as foreign objects and therefore resists their existence, causing hair loss. You can treat this problem by using a combination of essential oils as instructed in the following passages.

1. Ingredients

You will need a mixture of essential oils consisting of lavender, cedar wood, rosemary, and thyme essential oils (3 drops each). You also have to mix them with grapeseed oil and jojoba oil (1/8 cup each).

You can purchase those essential oils in almost every health and food store in your local area. If possible, purchase only high quality oils such as pure, organic, or cold-pressed variant. The absence of preservative or other additives will give better natural benefits. Please also prepare towels, bowl, container, and an eyedropper.

2. Mixing the Oil

The oils are all ready-to-use, meaning you don’t have to cook, boil, or process them in any way. Once the oils are prepared, you can immediately pour them in a small bowl. Please use the correct amount to create an effective formula. The grapeseed and jojoba oils act as carrier to dilute the mixture without altering the natural benefits of other oils. With light consistency, the mixture will be more easily applied and spread to cover your hair and scalp. Pour the mixture into a container and store it in cool place away from direct exposure to sun light.

3. Massage Treatment

It is probably necessary for you to try to apply the mixture on a small area of your skin to see if you develop allergic reactions. If you don’t experience any negative side effect, the mixture is generally safe to apply. Use an eyedropper to take few drops of the mixture from the container. Spill the mixture directly on your hair and scalp.

Perform a massage treatment for your scalp for approximately 5 minutes. You need to focus on the bald patches on the scalp to treat alopecia areata. You have to let the oil work overnight so it can completely penetrate the scalp and provide better treatment. Before going to sleep, wrap your head with a towel to prevent the excess oil from dripping to the bed sheet. Wash your hands cleanly after applying the oil.

4. Regular Treatments

Essential oils have numerous benefits for hair treatment. The mixture will not only treat your hair loss, but it also provides nutrients to the existing hair. It even promotes better blood circulation to the scalp. This will regulate oxygen delivery system to your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. You will need to perform this treatment as part of your regular hair care on a daily basis to quickly see noticeable results. However, please remember that different people may experience different hair growth rates.