How to Make Lavender Oil At Home?

Lavender extract or oil is widely available in most health and food stores or you can even buy it online. Nevertheless, you can also extract the oil by using simple equipment at home. The following instructions describe a step-by-step guide, required ingredients, and the necessary tools to make lavender oil manually at home.

1. Preparing Ingredients

Extracting lavender oil from the flower of lavender plant is easy but there are plenty of processes required. You will need 24 tablespoons of lavender flowers, a mixture of safflower oil, sesame seed oil, and olive oil (14 ounces), large jar or glass container with lid, muslin, plastic wrap, glass bowl, paper towels, and dark bottle. Make sure you get dry lavender flowers ready to chop. Place the flowers on paper towels and chop them finely. You need to get 24 tablespoons of finely-chopped flowers for the extraction.

2. Infusions

Pour the mixture of safflower oil, sesame seed oil, and olive oil into the large jar. Please make sure that the mixture is exactly 14 ounces. Now you can add 8 tablespoons of lavender flowers into the jar and stir them well. Close the jar tightly and put a plastic wrap over the top. Place you jar in a place where direct sunlight can come through such as windowsill for approximately 48 hours.

If you are doing this in the cold winter days, you may not get enough sunlight for the infusion. To accommodate this issue, place the jar in cold water and heat it for about ten minutes each day. Do not overheat the water since it may affect the integrity of the oil. Simply heat it until the jar is warm enough for you to touch.

Please remember to shake it every 12 hours. After 48 hours, you have to filter the oil out. Place muslin on top of the jar and strain the oil out through it. You may need to squeeze the muslin to get more amount of oil. For the best result, this extraction requires at least three infusions but you can do more infusions until you get the desired scent.

You have to put the oil into the container again and repeat the processes two more times. Each infusion will use 8 tablespoons of chopped lavender flowers. Since each infusion requires 8 tablespoons of the flower, you will use 24 tablespoons after three times. If more infusions are necessary, you have to get more lavender flowers as well. Once again, you have to chop the flowers finely before using them.

3. Store the Oil

After 3 x 48 hours and last straining, use the dark bottle to store the oil. It is best to use a bottle with lid or cork. You should keep the bottle in a dark cold place to keep it fresh. When stored properly, the oil should remain fresh for quite long time approximately 6 months to 1 year period. If you extract a considerable amount of the oil from the infusions, you may not need to repeat the processes very often.