How Many Serums Can You Use at Once?

There are plenty of products on the market that you can use to cure skin problems. Plenty of products available in the market use various types of methods to cure your skin problem. The methods that the products use are perhaps not relevant for all, but the most relevant method is none other than exfoliation. The exfoliation is the process of opening up the pores present on your skin. When the skin pores are opened, acne and dirt are removed from the skin, making it pure and clear.

Exfoliation is also very helpful in curing the skin of various problems like oily skin and dry skin. There are plenty of other problems like the combination that can be easily cured as by the exfoliation. When you are going to use products that are good for exfoliation, it is essential to know the vital information about exfoliation products. The necessary information about the exfoliation products is given in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Can we use more than one exfoliation serums at once?

When concerning about your beauty, you might have sometime wondered if you can layer more than one serum on your face for better results from exfoliation process. There is a well known that the korean serum can be used to layer up the skin 15 times. Layering up the skin 15 times is a bit much more than usual. When talking about skincare products, the beauty experts prefer from ten to twelve layers of products on your skin.

At some of the areas like the Circcell, it is believed that too much layering of skin products results in the diminishing effect of each of the product applied.

Why can’t one use all in one product?

You might have heard of combo creams for skin care, but it is a well-known fact that all the ingredients for different purposes cannot be held in one container and therefore, all in one product often fails to deliver the desired results. Since the korean serum companies know very well about what products can live together and what cannot, they create separate products for various uses dedicated by their chemistry.

We all want to have perfect skin, and for this, you might use a number of various skincare products. All when we use too many products, it does not prove beneficial for us at all. The items that you apply in the very first stage, the number and number two products prove to be effective, and the rest is not useful at all.

Only exfoliate every week

The very important thing to exfoliate your skin in the number of times you should exfoliate your skin. Never set a routine of using heavy exfoliating serums daily. The exfoliating treatment for skin is beneficial when done once a week. Although there are no side effects of exfoliating products, nothing is proven to be good when used in excess.

Limit to two serums per routine

The experts from all over the world and from the Korean serum companies recommend not to use more than two serums per routine. It is a proven skincare strategy to use two serums per routine as more than two will affect equivalent to two serums only. In case you have plenty of serums, then you can use two in the morning and two different serums in the evening routine for skin exfoliation.

It is a very effective way to use serums for exfoliation and makes sure that you in a routine, you use only two serums. Also, you can alter the serums after getting the results from the first ones.

Add vitamin C to your skincare layering

Vitamin C should be a very important part of your skincare routine. The vitamin C is very helpful in brightening your skin and protecting it against the damages caused by the UV rays. It also stops the production of collagen which is harmful to your skin

Vitamin C is considered as important in the skincare as it neutralizes the free radicals and shields the skin against the UV damage. The ones whose skin is sensitive to vitamin C are directed to use it only in the night.

The final words

The necessary information about the korean serum and the information about the multi serum is covered in the above-given paragraphs. It might be clear to you that it is beneficial to use only two serums in a routine.