5 Common Lavender Oil Uses

Lavender oil, also known as jack of all trades essential oil, is useful not only for hair and skin treatment, but also as massage oil and medicines to cure nervous-system conditions. It is popular mainly because of its therapeutic benefits when used as massage oil or aromatherapy. Many useful uses of lavender oil are briefly outlined below.

1. Skin Care

As previously mentioned, lavender oil has anti-inflammatory properties. It is useful to fight skin infection and treat wounds. This essential oil also contains linalool which basically acts as antiseptic. As a result, you can treat various skin conditions including irritation, burns, scars, acne, and bruises by applying lavender oil topically to the infected skin areas. Moreover, lavender oil’s soothing effects can improve eczema and psoriasis as well. When applied to skin, the oil acts as astringent and helps to regulate skin’s natural oil production. It is one of the main reasons that lavender oil is used as an ingredient in a great number of anti acne products.

2. Hair Care

Some hair problems are related to stress or depression especially in cases of hair loss. Lavender oil is a popular anti-anxiety agent which helps to improve nervous system conditions such as depression and stress. If your hair problems are triggered by such causes, aromatherapy with lavender oil can be a helpful treatment method. Lavender oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can help to cure psoriasis of scalp and reduce dandruff.

3. Medical Uses

The most noticeable medical benefit of lavender oil is its sedative effect. The aromatherapy treatment of lavender oil is often performed for people with sleeping disorder and anxiety. The good thing is that this oil does not indicate any potential sedating side effects or drug abuse, making it a tolerable alternative to chemical drugs for treating GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). When the scent of lavender oil is inhaled, it brings calming effect which can be used for treating insomnia (difficulty to sleep) condition.

There are many ways to take benefits of lavender oil’s aromatherapy benefits, but it is most commonly boiled with some cups of water so you can easily inhale the scent for sleeping aid.

4. Mood Regulator

Lavender oil is useful for treating mood problems such as depression. In fact, the essential oil is mostly used for this kind of treatment. The sedative effects produced by the scent are not only useful as sleeping aid but also as mood enhancer or regulator.

5. Massage Oil

You can even use lavender oil to relax muscle tensions, so the relaxation effect treats both physically and psychologically. The main secret is that lavender oil contains esters which produce most of the oil’s sedative effects.